Boulevard’s End
Germany/USA, Docomentary, 2014, 15’
Director: Nora Fingscheidt
Boulevard's End_Pic1

This short documentary focuses on the very end of Washington Boulevard, where the city of Los Angeles meets the ocean and the Venice Pier begins. The rough and simplistic concrete pier braves pacific storms and provides stillness and stability. People come to walk, to fish and ease their minds. The film takes a closer look at the diverse people all around the pier. Among them the filmmakers find two citizens, both immigrants, who take us on their personal journey through history.


Deejays Xgeneration
Argentina, Fiction, 2014, 12′
Director: Emiliano Ravenna
Deejays Xgeneration_Pic1

Welcome to Buenos Aires, known for the warm of it people and its pasional Tango dancing. Welcome, also to a one of a kind secret club, a bizarre place absolutely necessary to survive the torments and frenzies this jungle is made of. Here you`ll find the some of the best scratchers: Axxl, the Dark Man, Cowboy and Greek Vampire. An unprecedented temple, they battle with scratchs blows. Buenos Aires is no just Tango and passion any more…


Flights of a Feather
France/ Spain/ Schwitzerland/ Portugal, 2013, 21′
Director: Bjørn Phillip H. Curtis, Tanya Hernandes Velasco
flights of a feather_pic2

A stranger walks through cities and landscapes searching for something. His steps are intertwined and coloured by the thoughts of immigrants around their own journeys. Why do we leave? Why do we stay?


Floating Boarders
Malta/ Sweden, Fiction, 2013, 2′
Director: Samori Tovatt

A young African travels to Europe in the hope of a better life. When he gets there, the reality is different from the one he hoped for.


Out of Place
Germany, Fiction, 2013, 14′
Director: Ozan Mermer

An Iranian is found hanged in a German camp for asylum seekers. The Authorities are looking for someone to blame before they are willing to believe in suicide. His roommate, a black African, quickly becomes the target for the investigating police officers. But it’s not only against the Government  he must fight, also the Iranian’s friends bully and threaten him. They make him responsible for the death. The situation is getting dangerous for him…


Get Up!
Germany/ South Korea, Fiction, 2013, 15′
Director: Seung-Hyun Chong
Get Up_pic2

Story about a 26 years old German-born boy of Korean descent Taeshik is in turmoil. Despite his Korean upbringing he doesn’t quite identify with the Korean way to be his parents had in mind for him. He remains adrift; his life lacks both structure and goal.


The Son
Israel, Fiction, 2012, 19′
Director: Joseph Cohen
Ha Ben (The Son)_pic3

Salim and Katia live in an abandoned house by the side of the freeway. Without running water or electricity they cannot support their new born baby. Left with no choices they decide to give away their only son for adoption.


I´ve Just Had a Dream
Spain, Fiction, 2014, 8′
Director: Javier Navarro
i´ve just had a dream_pic3

Helen is eight years old and she has just had a horrible dream.


Land’s Waiting
Iran, Documentary, 2011, 5′
Director: Mohammad Talibi
Land's Waiting_pic 3

A documentary about death, by focus in gravestone process making in Iran.


Colombia, Animation, 2012, 8′
Director: Carlos Eduardo Smith Róviara

Boys and girls who have left their hometown tell their story through their memories family history past adventures and their particular sense of distance and oblivion. The past and present of these little citizens of the world is displayed in a fantastic dream world without rules or prejudice whatsoever fueled only by their words their playful dreams and young imagination.

USA/Spain, Fiction, 2013, 14′
Susana Casares

Nayla, a Muslim teenager in small-town America, tries out for her new high school’s cheerleading squad. She is good at it but the judging panel won’t let her join unless she takes off her headscarf. Nayla doesn’t want to compromise her beliefs but she doesn’t want to give up her dream either, so she’ll have to find her own special way of complying with both worlds… and challenging them.


Vakha and Magomed
Poland, Documentary, 2010, 12′
Director: Marta Prus
Vakha i Magomed.M.Prus7

Vakha takes care of the little Magomed in every moment of the day. Between the two there is a very good relationship, which can be found in every gesture and in every look they exchange. They are Chechen refugees who have found asylum in Warsaw. We can sense that they have a tragic past, but the film chooses to focus entirely on the present: a present made of peace, of small daily certainties and of love – the shining love of a father and son.
















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