Spain, Fiction, 2013, 2′
Director:  David Castro Gonzales

A man has a panic attack in the street overnight.


Romania, Fiction, 2013, 8′
Director:  Miro Mastropasqua

Cezara, a 20-year-old Romanian waitress employee slowly starts acknowledging her disturbing routine. She finds herself in a trigger point of her life where the docile social awkwardness transforms into agoraphobia and takes over.


Anibal’s Infamous Jokes
Brazil, Fiction, 2013, 13′
Director: Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho Machado

Anibal is a Taxi driver who likes to tell jokes, but nobody likes to listen it. When another driver get the “driver of the month prize” Anibal gets very depressive, and he knows Janete, a women with a very peculiar gift.


Apple Tea
Argentina, Animation, 2013, 2′
Director: Jordi Piulachs

A very original way to prepare and drink an apple tea.


Denmark, Documentary, 2013, 30′
Director: Julie Bezerra Madsen

Oliver is trapped in his own body. He is born as a girl, but feels like a boy. Everything is wrong when he meets himself in the mirror. He hides his breasts and lowers his voice before he walks out the door. He asks: “What do you think when you see me ?” The creation of a new identity has just begun.


Cartoon Away
Brazil, Animation, 2013, 4′
Director:  Augusto Bicalho Roque

An animated drawn character is tortured by his creator, a human, trough animation exercises. During one of the exercises the animated character opens a way out of the paper to the table and escapes from the hands of the animator.


Ceramic Tango
Canada, El Salvador, Fiction, 2013, 10′
Director: Patricia Chica

After receiving grave news, a young man spirals into a deep depression, leaving him vulnerable to the will of a dangerous intruder. CERAMIC TANGO is a modern-day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life.


Spain, Fiction, 2012, 19′
Director:  Alberto Sola Martinez

Unable to escape his past, Javier lives in his car one year ago. Across the street a beggar, Don Pedro, is the only support he has left.


Drops of Smoke
Brazil, Fiction, 2013, 22′
Director: Ane Siderman

Bibi is a widow who lives alone with her cat in a small flat. At the age of 70 and living in her own world, she only interacts with her neighbours. In the midst of her loneliness, she decides to help her neighbour Julieta. They end up having a relationship that borders the limits of loneliness and they both have an identification with the anguish of waiting for death.


United Kingdom, Belgium, Fiction, 2013, 2′
Director: Chloe Meunier

Marilyn is a portrait of Miss Marilyn who is 70 years old. It is neither a fiction nor a documentary. We are in Miss Marilyn’s private space. What does it means to be part of a western society that promotes its conformity and uniformity while claiming to be tolerant? Miss Marilyn found an answer to this dilemma mixing norm’s code, which allows the sweet feeling of still being part of this society.


Austria, Fiction, 2014, 14′
Christian Thueringer

The id the hippy the old man the choir boy and the hipster all agree on one thing: be yourself! “monolog” is a 14-minute short film by the young Viennese-director Christian Thüringer who also plays all the lead roles.


Short Love
USA, Italy, Fiction, 2014, 10′
Director: Valentina Vincenzini

Giulia and Lorenzo are two Italians at their first date, drinking an espresso in New York City. After a while Lorenzo becomes impatient and spills the beans: he really likes Giulia but he is concerned about the little time they have together since they are in a low budget independent short film.


The Man Who Lost His Head
France, Animation, 2014, 9′
Director: Fred Joyeux

Alain has recently been admitted to the hospital, and the young psychologist in charge of new patients comes to visit him. They start talking. With the help of his wife Marielle, Alain tries his best to answer the young woman’s questions. She has quite a few surprises in store for her! What disease do I have again? Alain is an animated documentary film recounting the true story of Alain de Filippis.


When it Lifts Its Little Eyes Up
Brazil, France, Fiction, 2013,20′
Director:  Alice Furtado

Mad love story – a threat comes to haunt everyday banality. A young man at his twenties tough manners. A grown pregnant woman. The two of them have been living together for a few months in a tiny apartment in the suburbs until the day money runs out. Bypassing moral standards carried away by the truth of senses they go for a walk across the city running towards nature – a ruthless witness to their acts but also their last shelter.

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