Switzerland/USA, Zambia, Fiction, 2013, 13′
Director: Nunzio Fazio

Angst tells the story of two lovers deeply connected yet mired in games that test the limits of their affection. Will emotional manipulation and exploitation destroy their relationship or will the strength of their bond endure.


Elvis is Dead
Greece, Fiction, 2013, 8′
Director: Stergios Paschos
Elvis is Dead

Athens, 2013. Nikos and Sofia may have broken up, but Elvis will manage to bring them back together.


No Love Lost
United Kingdom, Fiction, 2013, 15′
Director: Shekhar Bassi
An obsessive stranger with unexpected intentions threatens a young couple’s illicit relationship.


The Game
Brazil, Fiction, 2014, 19′
Director: Pedro Coutinho
O Jogo_Pic1

After an argument during a road trip to the countryside, Julia and Fred begin a sexual game with definitive consequences for their relationship and their lives.


The Gift
Chile/Animation, 2013, 8′
Director: Julio Pot

The Gift is the story of an ordinary couple, when he gives her a small sphere pulled out his chest, she can’t separate herself from her new gift… even after they break up.


The Kiss
Poland, Fiction, 2014, 22′
Director: Filip Gieldon
The Kiss Still 1

After an alcohol-induced night out, Emilia, 20, wakes up in an apartment she has never been in before. To her surprise, the person that greets her is not a man, but Matylda, 32, claiming that not only did they meet last night, but that Emilia was the one who kissed her, before they made their way into bed. What follows is a dramatic and romantic story of the chance meeting of two women, experiencing every sensation as if for the first time again, every step leading them deeper into unknown territory.    

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