The 9th edition of festival #icpsff, will take place in Eskişehir between October 30th – November 7th, together with the autumn Cinema Camp.

Organized by Katadrom Art Colony with the support of German-Turkish Youth Bridge and the collaboration of Tepebaşı Municipality, Autumn Cinema and Art Camp will be held from October 30th – November 7th 2021.

The Cinema and Art Camp is being arranged for young people who want to make films and work with professionals from the world of cinema. The camp will hold a hybrid format where 9-day digital and physical workshops consisting of workshops on directing, acting, scriptwriting, editing, production, costume, digital arts, visual effects and cinema theories.

Participants from Turkey can attend as boarding or daily courses, while participants from Germany will also be included online.

During the camp, participants will take theoretical and practical lessons from professional producers, directors, screenwriters and actors, at the same time improving their social collaboration and skills.

You can apply to the free courses from the link below. 



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Scriptwriting Workshop


Scriptwriting in TV-Series
Gül Abus Semerci:

Screenwriter Gül Abus Semerci, who has her mark on many scripts, including the well-known TV series such as Kırgın Çicekler (Orphan Flowers) and Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), will give information about writing TV series scripts and share her experiences about the TV industry.

Scriptwriting Workshop 
Selcan Özgür

Within the scope of the workshop, which will be given by screenwriter and playwright Selcan Özgür, the basic stages of screenwriting, creating a story and creating characters will be analysed. The workshop will also encourage participants to create and tell their own stories. At the end of the workshop, the participants will create their own writing teams and write a short script.

Production Workshop
Instructor: Marsel Kalvo

Marsel Kalvo, the famous producer as the instructor; the workshop will focus on the definition of film production processes, sectoral concepts, preliminary preparation, crew and actor selection, budget preparation, source and funding, shooting process, executive production, post-production promotion and distribution, festivals, competitions and application processes.

Acting Workshop

Instructors: ​

Emel Göksu:

Emel Göksu, a master actress of theatre, television and cinema, winner of the Best Actress Award at the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, will share her long-term acting experience with the participants.

Aslı Şahin:

Actress of Turkish Cinema, TV-Series and Theatre, Aslı Şahin; will give information on the basic principles of acting, acting in front of the camera, the differences of serial, cinema and theater acting on practical courses for the Acting Workshop.

Directing Workshop
Instructor: Çiğdem Vitrinel

The Directing Workshop, which will be prepared and given by the award-winning director Çiğdem Vitrinel, is a critical introduction and preparation for young people with a passion and talent for cinema. In addition to theoretical information, it also includes movie watching and analysis, as well as some simple practical studies. The workshop will include shooting of one of the short scenarios created in the Scriptwriting workshop.

Editing Workshop
Instructor: Ahmet Toklu

In the first part of the two-stage hands-on workshop, which will be given by the successful director Ahmet Toklu, the general logic and stages of film editing will be explained by examples. In the second stage of the training, the director and the editing director will work together on the footage shot in the Directing Workshop, and they will practically demonstrate the process.

Seminar Series: Sociology of Cinema
Instructor: Katadrom Art Colony

Movements and concepts such as surrealism, science and technology, public space, utopia, feminist cinema will be conveyed to the students with examples from the history of cinema from a sociological point of view, and the sociology of an image will be discussed through the films to be watched throughout the week.

Seminar: Effects of Migration on Cinema
Instructor: İnci Çalışkan

A sociological discussion will be conducted between Turkey and Germany on the issue of migration and its effects on cinema.

Seminar: Visual Effects in Cinema
Instructor: Hakan Yılmaz

An interactive presentation on visual effects and creative digital applications in cinema will be made by Hakan Yılmaz, one of today’s most important digital artists.

Seminar: Costume Design
Instructor: Damla Turan​

Costume chief Damla Turan, who’s actively working in the TV and advertising industry, will explain the importance of costumes from the beginning to the present of production and the procedures of costume with historical and current examples.

Social Activities

Participants will be provided with activities that will improve their social cohesion and skills such as working as a group, division of labor as a team, conducting projects and discovering their own creativity. (Sociable games, watching movies, filming as a team, cooking, picnics, museum visits, municipality and NGO visits, etc.)


Workshops and Seminars will be FREE. However, for expenses such as accommodation, food, beverage, cleaning; a small contribution is requested from ONLY THE PARTICIPANTS REQUESTING ACCOMMODATION. 

590 TL per person (VAT Included) For Boarding Participants



Click here for photos from our previous camps.

Autumn Cinema Camp Eskişehir Art Colony:





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