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The 4th edition of Changing Perspectives (ICPSFF), organized by Katadrom Arts Cultural and Politics Association and their international team, will start on 5–8th May 2016 in Istanbul.

The festival will focus on the theme “borders” and emphasizing hybrid, global issues, cultural encounters, minority rights and social justice. 

The ICPSFF contains 95 short-films from 47 countries, divided in 10 sections and 3 different venues for screenings. It will provide a wide spectrum of short films from all over of the world, along with Q&A’s with directors and workshops. All events are free of charge and all of the films were carefully selected to provoke and expand your horizons.

With the large range of topics blend in a mix of life changing experiences, strong characters, deep  insights into unknown places and worlds, circles of past and future, different visions of childhood and it´s meanings, animations and documentaries that/which are questioning reality and truth the film program has the following sections.Border,  Cultural Insights, Exchange Experience, Hybrid Sensation,

Kaleidoscope, Purple Portraits, Ridicule, So Far, So Close, Spooky, Swerve Away.

As a take-away festival, Changing Perspective Selections already migrated to places such as Tallin, Madrid Oldenburg, Sofia, Klagenfurt, Luneburg and Copenhagen. This year after Istanbul a new wave will arrive at Leipzig for the Welcome 2to Stay- International Refugee Congress held in June. Jogjakarta, and Berlin. 

Although the large variety of countries of the films and filmmakers of selection you will not find the information for “country of production” as festival wants to foster a borderless understanding of our surrounding world.

Exhibition: “Take me to Jermany” by Charlotte Schmitz

Hundred thousands of people left everything behind them,  took the dangerous journey from Turkey to Greece in boats, with the dream of living a peaceful life somewhere in the Northern European countries. But Europe has decided that enough refugees have come to their countries. Instead of working side by side, new fences are being build up, which once were tore down, countries are being declared as safe countries of origin and inhuman deals are made. A young man in Eidomeni wrote: “I see only Humans, not Humanity” on his pictures – the whole crisis in just a sentence. 

Charlotte Schmitz, a German photographer based in Istanbul, took her instant camera and went to different places, where she photographed people and let them write on their pictures, whichever thought they wanted to share.

05 – 15 May 2016 // SUPA Suriye Pasajı Salon
Visiting Hours: 11am – 17pm
Exhibition Opening: 05.05 // 18h30
Istiklal Caddesi No. 166 

Festival Workshops

Cultural Borders and Psychological Barriers” by Gülseli Baysu and Canan Coşkan

Have you ever experienced the lack of adjective that would help you express yourself to others? Maybe you are a Syrian refugee with a respectable occupation back in Syria, who had to emigrate with hundreds of other Syrians both similar to you and totally different from you (after all, everyone back in Syria had different occupations, different genders, political ideologies etc) and who is currently doing the dishes in a dirty restaurant kitchen in a new country. Or you are a middle-aged woman without a husband and a kid. Who are you exactly? What or WHO deprives you from crossing one of those identity borders set by the society? What or WHO deprives you from crossing the border between İzmir and Lesvos?

In this workshop, Gülseli and Canan aim to shed light on the borders of our personal as well as social and cultural identities as well as how to overcome them. They will present how identities are intersectional and intertwined rather than additive and how our mindset needs to be shifted from categorical thinking to intersectional ways of perceiving others in order to overcome the existing stereotypes and prejudices towards the “other” at the cultural and international levels.

Borders, Migration and Media by  MAVIBLAU (Marie Hartlieb &Tugba Yalçınkaya)

Physical borders and borders in our mind – what do they mean for us as individuals and for society? In this workshop we will focus on the history of nation building, how the effects of migration have shaped our understanding of nationality, and the representation of this process in media. Furthermore, we will unpack the question of how we can create open-mindedness with the help of media.

We will do so by emphasizing the cultural and social relations between Germany and Turkey. The workshop will be a mixture of input, media analysis and discussions.

06.05.2016 18:00 SUPA

Crossing Border”s by Yusuf Oz

In this workshop, we will look at some movie clips in which borders and acts of border crossing are represented. Based on these cinematic instances we will discuss the place and significance of the notion of borders in filmic imagination. If we accept Benedict Anderson’s famous phrase that nations are “imagined communities”, then we should take borders as spaces in which the very imaginary character of national identities materializes as demarcations that separate lands, lives, and people. In this sense, films, where imagination uses the material reality as its basic medium, have a specific relationship to borders as a mixture of political imagination and material demarcation. As borders impose, encourage, and enforce solid national identities, films, by virtue of the structure of their medium, constantly remind us the transient, imaginary, and liquid character of borders, political or otherwise.

06.05 2016 – 16.00 SUPA 


SALT Galata,

Bankalar Caddesi 11 Karaköy 34420 İstanbul Türkiye
T +90 212 334 22 00 F +90 212 292 16 67


SUPA Suriye Pasajı Salon                      

Suriye Pasajı, 4th Floor İstiklal Cd No:166,  34430 Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey


Yeşilçam Sineması

İmam Adnan Sokağı No:8 Taksim

T +90 212 293 6800  F



or for the film list


4th International  Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival
05-08 May 2016

Huseyinaga Mah. Nane Sokak No: 12/4
Istiklal Cad. Beyoglu – Istanbul 34435 TURKEY

T: + 90 212 252 49 24


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