An Elephant On The Moon
Benjamin Barthélémy, France, 2016, 9’

Paris by night. It’s storming, and raining a lot. A lightning falls on a handicapped trafic sign. Because of the electricity, the 20cm white guy in the wheelchair has felt on the ground and becomes alive. Because everything in this giant raining world is a danger to him, He decides go on the moon by stolen balloon.

Screening Dates / Gösterim Günleri:
It will be screened within the package “Utopia / Ütopya” paketi altında gösterilecektir.

11.03.2017 Saturday / Cumartesi 14:00
Salt Galata

12.03.2017 Sunday / Pazar 12:00
Salt Galata

16.03.2017 Thursday / Perşembe 18:00
Salt Galata