Sharaf / Şeref

Jim Naby, Lasse Nitz, 2016, 18′ – German with English sub.

Whenever we read about honor killings in the headlines, young women are almost always the victims. Aboute men who are killed from a misconceived notion of honor, we hardly read in the newapapers. SHARAF characterizes the drama of an Afghan family in which the eldest son is sentenced because of his homosexuality to death by an honor killing. Tragically, the 13 year old youngest son should exicute this honor killing because he would have expecte only a minor penalty under the law due to his age. But for the young boy Hamit, the burden of expectation is too high and will cost him perhaps his life. The film depicts the brutality and scope of a decision to honor killing within own family, the awkwardness and despair of individual family members and shows the dilemma and brutality to which every fanatical belief inevitably leads.

Screening Dates / Gösterim Günleri:

It will be screened within the package “SWERVE AWAY 2 / VIRAJ 2”.”SWERVE AWAY 2 / VIRAJ 2″  paketi altında gösterilecektir.

06.05.2016 Friday Cuma 16:00
Yeşilçam Sineması

08.05.2016 Sunday Pazar 12:00
Salt Galata