Pet / Hamster

Chris Moraitis, 2015, 11′ – Greek with English sub. Yunanca, İngilizce altyazılı.

Dimitris is a 10 year old boy and the only child of a rich family. His grandma, who used to take care of him is now dead and his only companion is his pet guinea pig. When his parents decide a cruel future for him he “cripples” the most pure side of himself.

Screening Dates / Gösterim Günleri:

It will be screened within the package “Spooky / Ürkünç”. “Spooky / Ürkünç” paketi altında gösterilecektir.

06.05.2016 Friday Cuma 18.00
SALT Galata

07.05.2016 Saturday Cumartesi 12.00
Yeşilçam Sineması