Nada S.A./ Hiç A.Ş.

Caye Casas, 2014, 15′ – Spanish with English sub.

Carlos has been years unemployed, he is desperate after failing every job interview he presents for. One day Carlos sees an ad for a company called NOTHING Co., they are looking for a candidate who wants to get paid for nothing. Carlos gets the job, but that day will change his life.

Screening Dates / Gösterim Günleri:

It will be screened within the package “RIDICULE / GÜLÜNÇ”.”RIDICULE / GÜLÜNÇ” paketi altında gösterilecektir.

06.05.2016 Friday Cuma 14:00
Salt Galata

07.05.2016 Saturday Cumartesi 18:00
Yeşilçam Sineması