Emanuel Parvu, 2016, 14′ – Romanian with English sub.

In a state social system where adoptive families are often accused of taking children from the orphanages only for the monthly allowance benefit, Meda, a 13 year old girl, is to be taken back to the orphanage when her adoptive mother dies. After having Meda in the family for 8 years, her adoptive father cannot live with the thought of losing her.

Screening Dates / Gösterim Günleri:

It will be screened within the package “SWERVE AWAY 1 / VIRAJ 1”.”SWERVE AWAY 1 / VIRAJ 1″  paketi altında gösterilecektir.

05.05.2016 Thursday Perşembe 14:00
Salt Galata

08.05.2016 Sunday Pazar 12:00
Yeşilçam Sineması