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The International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival is an international take-away film festival dealing with the topic of cultural exchange. The festival will start in Istanbul with a two-day program. During the year there will be other screenings in various European cities. Filmmakers will be invited and academic panel discussions on the topic of academic cultural exchange will be held.

As part of  Katadrom Arts, Culture and Social Politics Association the ICPSFF also aims to stimulate artistic and cultural creativity. Its special aim is to provide a platform for young critical fimmakers who deal with the wide variation of cultural exchange.

As part of cultural exchange we also focus on student exchange programs. This is a program in which students from a secondary school or university study abroad at one of their institution’s partner institutions. An exchange student typically stays in the host country for a period of 6 to 10 months. International students or those on study abroad programs may stay in the host country for several years. Turkey has increasingly been welcoming exchange students to experience a certain amount of time within Turkish society. To name a number alone with the European Exchange Program “Erasmus” up until now 23,345 students have come to Turkey. And the number of students coming has been doubled every year up until now. Those students mostly come from European countries like Germany, France and Spain but also on other programs students from USA, South America, India etc. find a growing interest in Turkey.

The Exchange students all around the world put a remarkable effort in participating in the culture and society of the place they they decided to stay at as part of their education. In addition to most universities’ social clubs, exchange students gather with big help from world-wide student run organizations such as ESN and AISEC. Stating from their acceptance to the partner institution in the designated country, the student receives a number of suggestions and recommendations about what to do “actions” when he will be doing his study abroad. Because of many different reasons these off ers can be no satisfaction for the student. While some students are interested in more academic and scientific actions, others will be more interested in cultural and artistic action. In most of the cases exchange students take an initiative on creating new actions. In both cases of institutionally supported and individually taken actions it’s clear to see the need for offering and creating projects for and with them. In a perspective of culture and arts; each year, in each country that takes place in student exchange programmers, there are countless examples of festivals, performances, exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, competitions and social events both made by organizations/ institutions and students. Even though in picture of total action these numbers can be satisfying it is not possible to fi nd an event that proved its sustainability through years. The International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival is born from the idea of creating an event that can provide sustainability, continuity and mobility to support the cultural and social exchange, educational and creative productivity in an international level and optimizing the benefits of internationally/inter-culturally sharing.

The topic of 2015 – “IDENTITY”

This year, the main topic of the 3rd Film Festival will be “Identity.” There will be a festival section about 15 films, a photography exhibition and a panel discussion focusing on the main topic.

There are so many different identities: Cultural identity, social identity, Sexual identity, religious identity

Identity is something so blurry but can be so clear at the same time. Identity, linked to our language and our cultural background, to our passion or job, to our family or home country. Or is identity something which is only socially constructed and does not exist at all? Playing with identity can be a game, creating your identity, how you want the world to perceive you…Or is Identity something essential, something that we cannot switch on and of the way we want it? Some people will always be stigmatized by a certain identity. Others have the luxury to switch between different identities just the way it suits them. During the festival we want to explore the different aspects of identity providing a platform for all the diverse perspectives on the topic.

Festival – How To !

Together with our partners both from Turkey and abroad, the festival team will be sending announcements to the Universities, Institutions, NGOs and NPOs all around the world. This part of the festival is critically important for us. We believe, to be able to create diversity of films that will be shown in the festival it’s indispensable to reach every corner of the world. Since we have established KATADROM, we are creating a database and a network through years to make this work possible.

All the movies that will be sent from all around the world will be watched and evaluated by the commission that KATADROM provides. The commission consists of filmmakers, academicians, artists and others from the field of arts and culture with whom KATADROM has collaborated and interrelated through years. In addition to committee, this year we are working on creating both online and actual student boards consists of exchange students all around the world. In every part of the festival, we do prior the student involvement.

A Take Away Festival
Some people say anyone can make movies, some people say it takes a camera and film to make movies. But what it takes to make a film festival? Who can make a film festival? We believe the answers are very simple – it takes movies and a screen / anyone can do that.
Of course from a professional perspective it’s not really that simple. It is also not simple to make a stream movie or a well-produced short movie but it has never been an obstacle for those who took a big step and entered world of movies. The idea of supporting the exchange students to take a step and organize their own festival will help them to carry out an experience of both creating and participating.
We have this idea to make everything even simple for the exchange students;

We call for submissions.
We pick the movies.
We create the concept and design.
And in the end – it’s a take away festival for anyone who wants to screen.

In the practical basis, we offer the students a festival package. What is in the package?
– Movies
– Graphical Designs of the International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival
– Info documents of the movies.

All digital
All in English
So all you need is a screen, a projector and your audience.

Up to 10 different locations on the same dates, together with its associates, KATADROM will present the movies and hold the festival itself. “A Take Away Festival” project is a tool to provide young people with opportunity of experiencing the Film Festival Organization dynamics and principles.

If you take a moment to make a little bit of surfing on internet under the topic of youth related or student related discussion you may find out that in most of the discussions it said that youngster never get a chance to be their own voice. They are eager to share, tell, learn and listen. Not always to be told, not always to be thought, not always to be led but also to tell, to teach and lead.

Through the active years of KATADROM, we have been associated by many projects with NGOs, NPOs, Institutions and many academicians. Regarding to the topics and concepts of the discussions KATADROM will provide experts, professionals or specialists in order to answer the questions of youngsters share their knowledge and support the ideas of exchange students.

KATADROM is a non-profit organization that aims to help exchange students to get to know the culture they currently live in, to share their own culture through art, culture and social project, to contribute to the communication and the dialog between cultures through the activities of the project, to spread the tolerance for different cultures after their return and to take a stand against discrimination and alienation.

KATADROM [dict.]: The migration of fish from rivers into the open sea

The Katadrom Arts, Culture and Social Politics Association was initiated as a non-profit organization by a group of activists, artists, organizers, film makers, designers, translators, photographers, academicians to create and organize national and international projects and events for artistic, cultural and social politics education.

The Katadrom Arts, Culture and Social Politics Association organized national and international cinema events, exhibitions, seminars, alongside with photography, music, radio, handcraft, writing, dancing, dubbing workshops for exchange students and expats in Istanbul.

The Association aims to stimulate cultural appreciation and integration among the international and Turkish students through the support of artistic and cultural creativity in all its expression and to encourage dialogue among communities.
Established in 2010 by a group of filmmakers, designers, event organizers and artists, Atonic Project organizes and brings to live international artistic and cultural projects and events in Istanbul and Turkey.
Atonic Project offers a variety of services from project design, commercial films, web design, illustration, advertisement, to concept and planning, organization and realization of projects.
Mixed Art Workshop and Exhibition
English Essay Competition
KATADROM Turkish Language Meetings
Self-Portrait Photography Workshop
Turkish Handcrafts Workshop
Roman Dance Workshop
Turkish Movie Nights
Broadcasting Workshop and Competition with the Istanbul Bilgi University
CABLE Magazine
STRANGER – Creative Writing Workshop and Competition
Workshop and Competition in cooperation with [Lautschrift] magazine
STRANGER – Photography Workshop and Competition
Experimental Documentary Project
STRANGER Workshop Presentation and Exhibition at Pusula Sanat Evi
The New Cinema Movement Movie Screenings

Festivals and Workshops etc.
International Crime and Punishment Film Festival
Katadrom Art, Culture and Exchange Festival
Independent Film Screenings Project
International Immigration Symposium and Short Film Competition
Shadows and Echoes: Movie Screening for Visually and Hearing Imparied People
International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival
Photograph Workshop and Exhibition for the Exchange Students
Radio Workshop